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A cloud of confetti is a truly eye-catching sight at any event. Imagine your celebration with a vibrant, dramatic and exciting display of fluttering confetti – then get in touch to see how we can help.

MTFX Confetti Effects can supply almost any shape and size of confetti in almost any colour to create any confetti effect you want.

This includes white dissolvable, no-mess confetti, which is ideal for shows near water or when you need to clear up quickly after an event. Put all this together with a whole rainbow of streamers and you have everything you need to enhance your event.

For the ultimate in branding, you can even have personalised confetti custom cut to your own shape or logo or have confetti printed with your choice of image.

Standard Flying Fetti, rectangles measuring 5cm x 2cm, is available in almost every colour imaginable.

For custom cut, personalised confetti there is almost no limit to the size and shape that can be produced.

Confetti shapes available include:

  • snowflakes
  • rose petals
  • hearts
  • shamrocks
  • numbers
  • letters of the alphabet.

Materials include:

  • metallic/mylar
  • tissue
  • water dissolvable rice paper for shows near water – also ideal for when you need to clear up quickly after an event

All confetti, including personalised confetti, is fire retardant, colour fast and non-toxic.

Flying Fetti is available off the shelf and standard shapes are available within 7 – 10 days. Standard colours are silver, gold, red, green, pink and blue but other colours can be obtained on request.

Custom cut confetti will normally take between 2 – 3 weeks (this depends on the complexity of the shape as the tool needs to be made first).

To discuss anything other ingenious effects for your event, please get in touch.

Confetti Colour Swatches

The colours shown are for guidance only. To check actual colours, please contact us to request confetti samples.

Black tissue confetti image

Black tissue confetti

Blue tissue confetti image

Blue tissue confetti

Dark green tissue confetti image

Dark green tissue confetti

Dark red tissue confetti image

Dark red tissue confetti

Light green tissue confetti image

Light green tissue confetti

Light pink tissue confetti image

Light pink tissue confetti

Light purple tissue confetti image

Light purple tissue confetti

White tissue confetti image

White tissue confetti

Red tissue confetti image

Red tissue confetti

Yellow tissue confetti image

Yellow tissue confetti

Peach tissue confetti image

Peach tissue confetti

Purple tissue confetti image

Purple tissue confetti

Plum tissue confetti image

Plum tissue confetti

Vanilla tissue confetti image

Vanilla tissue confetti

Cerise tissue confetti image

Cerise tissue confetti

Light blue tissue confetti image

Light blue tissue confetti

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