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We have been asked, “What sort of special effects do you do?” To which we answered, “We can do any special effect”. That isn’t a very helpful answer but it is the most truthful one. This page is devoted to items that can create any special effect and turn your vision into reality. Here you will find lotions and potions and other equipment to help you create your desired special effect.

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[ Please note: The handheld cannon blasters can not be shipped by air. ]

CO2 Cylinder Bulbs

Photo of CO2 Cylinder Bulbs

These CO2 cylinder bulbs are for use with the MTFX Reusable Handheld Confetti Launcher. They simply screw into the handle of the unit to fire a confetti effect. They are available in 8g and 16g sizes.

** These items can not be shipped via airfreight – road shipments only **

T-Shirt Gun (Multi-Shot)

Photo of CO2 Cylinder Bulbs

The Multi-Shot T-Shirt Cannon utilises a quick-fire mechanism to
rapidly project rolled t-shirts towards an audience. After launching a t-shirt the shell (a clear barrel) is ejected out of the side of the cannon for reloading. Holding up to 8 shells at a time the magazine system allows for many t-shirts to be reloaded and ready for quick firing.

Download T-Shirt Gun (Multi-Shot) datasheet

T-Shirt Gun

Photo of T Shirt Launcher

A T-Shirt Launcher is great at celebrations and product launches.

The MTFX Confetti Effects T-shirt launcher will shoot T-shirts, confetti,  stress balls, mini rugby balls even cuddly toys up to 300 ft into a crowd safely. Supplied either with an operator or dry hired to approved personnel the launcher will excite the crowd and bring your brand to the audience's attention.

Download T-Shirt Gun (Standard) datasheet

Smoke Bubbles

Photo of CO2 Cylinder Bulbs

Want something more than standard bubbles? Check out the MTFX Smoke Bubble Machine. Outputting around 6000 smoke filled Bubbles per Minute, this machine can be used with a range of lighting to create spectacular scenes, or a great bit of fun for shows guaranteed to draw attention.

Download Smoke Bubbles datasheet

B200 Bubble Machine

Photo of CO2 Cylinder Bulbs

An easy to use, high output effect – the B200 Bubble Machine is available to dry hire. We’ve used and hired these machines for almost every kind of job thinkable; Shopping Centres, Band Stands (Forever Blowing Bubbles), Concerts, Tours, TV, Film, Fashion Shoots, VIP Parties & More! Can also be rigged to use with helium to make Ingenious Helium Bubbles that touch the sky!

Download B200 Bubble Machine datasheet

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